Join Our Propane Club

Our three western Pennsylvania stores are open to the public- and we fill propane!

In addition to serving our business customers, our three western Pennsylvania locations are also open to the public, Monday through Friday.  A significant product line in our retail offering is propane filling.  We fill your propane cylinders, sizes 100 lb. and smaller, on the spot while you browse our store.  Unlike several cylinder exchange outfits, we fill the cylinder completely up to the overfill protection device- a full fill, every time.

We are excited to announce our newest program, the Propane Club!  Join the Propane Club in any store- McKees Rocks, Penn Hills/Verona, New Brighton.  Membership is free.  You’ll receive a Club card earning you a free 20 lb. cylinder fill after you purchase four.  That’s four fills at $17.50 each and the fifth is free!

Bring your propane grill tank into any store to get started!

Safety Tip:  Unwrap it!

For labeling, instructional, and marketing purposes, most 20 lb. propane tanks are sold with a wrapper.  It is important to remove this wrapper as it otherwise becomes the ideal trap for water, which over time will cause the cylinder to rust.  Part of our pre-fill inspection process is removing this wrapper if it’s still surrounding the cylinder.  All Butler Gas Products locations are certified for propane visual inspections.

Propane 20 with logo

4 Responses to Join Our Propane Club

  1. Filled my Propane tank at the Penn Hills/ Verona The service was great and this is very convenient for the East end . The Propane Club is a good deal Thanks Josh and Ben

  2. David Devett says:

    I would like to join the propane club.

    • Butler says:

      Excellent, David, thank you! You can do so in any one of our stores. Bring your 20 lb. propane tank or purchase a new one from us, and your first fill automatically qualifies you to join the Propane Club. Just ask for a card at checkout.

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