Helping you manage cylinder inventory across multiple job sites is our specialty. Our processes are designed to make multiple ship-to addresses each with different purchase orders simple. Our CYLTRAK Asset Tracking system involves scanning cylinders at all stages of production and distribution. By logging in as a Follow-On Tracker, you can see all your cylinders, how long they’ve been there, and who signed for them. As job sites close, cylinder Inventory Worksheets can be provided showing exactly how many assets, broken down by type and serial number, are at that location. The system is designed to deter lost cylinder headaches. But in the event of a lost cylinder, CYLTRAK ensures that if that asset ever crosses through our system again, the amount paid on the lost cylinder charge is refunded in full.


Working with Butler Gas has been a great partnership for us over the last few years. They always take the time to meet with us, understand exactly what we need, and find the best solution. Our gas products are delivered to multiple locations, with a focus on safety and professionalism we have come to expect.

Chris M.

Vice President