Butler Gas Products supplies beverage grade CO2, medical NF (National Formulary) grade nitrogen, and medical USP (United States Pharmacopeia) grade oxygen. Manufactured and filled from these certified bulk liquids are our cylinder gases, dry ice pellets, dry ice rice, beer gas blends, and brewery oxygen.

Our Pittsburgh-based Specialty Gas Lab manufactures CO2 and nitrogen beer gas mixtures. Purchase cylinders premixed or run individual cylinders through an onsite mixer. We supply cryogenic liquids for chilling and freezing, and offer packaged gas solutions for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) applications. Butler Gas Products also supplies commercial propane for food trucks.

Often working nontraditional hours, our food and beverage industry customers can place orders and pay invoices 24/7 with our online ordering and bill pay features.


Butler Gas went out of their way to help us as a small business. They took the time to understand our needs now and in the future, ensuring a long-term partnership. They helped us free up our time and money so we could spend it elsewhere. Our gas needs are on auto-pilot, which is a huge peace of mind.

Matt K

Microbrewery CEO