As a result of our integration back into manufacturing, we are able to offer deep packaged gas capabilities with fast lead times to our fellow distributors. With scheduled deliveries or pickup options, we offer our region’s distributors an independent, flexible alternative to the traditional global supply giants. Whether you’re looking for a more nimble and responsive solution for specialty gases, hydrogen, acetylene, dry ice, or gas mixtures, Butler Gas Products believes that independents are best served by independents. Each wholesale partnership is unique. Contact us to collaborate on how we can become your business’ best gas supplier.


I can report without reservation that my experience with Butler Gas has made my company, my employees and myself better in numerous ways. The value platform that we enjoy from Butler includes product quality, technical expertise and reliability of the highest order, wrapped in an all-consuming culture of safety and customer focus. I know our partnership with Butler Gas is a catalyst in our growth and success. I would highly recommend Butler Gas to anyone.

Mark R.

Chief Executive Officer