Meet Our Team

We are people delivering solutions!  Our team of industry experts is available for project consulting, on-site training, and process efficiency evaluation to help take the hassle and guess-work out of your packaged gas applications.  Our sixty-five year old family business is in its third generation, and since 1948, we have continuously built a team of knowledgeable, customer-focused business people.

We look forward to meeting you!
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  • Jack Butler, President/CEO (x 317)
  • Elissa Butler, Treasurer (x 315)
  • Abydee Butler Moore, Executive Vice President (x 316)
  • Heather Ferrand, VP of Business Development (x 302)
  • Sandy Gobrish, VP of Services & Continuous Improvement (x 320)
  • Bob Urie, VP of Operations (x 301)
  • Joe Wilhelm, GM of Industrial Gas (x 314)
  • Jesse Pitell, Director of Finance (x 318)
  • Frank Bynum, Specialty Gas Manager (x 329)
  • Traci Lienemann, CYLTRAK Manager (x 321)
  • Ben Black, Account Executive (x 306)
  • Randall Workman, Account Executive (x 307)
  • Mike Feior, Lead Engineer (x 319)
  • Mike Thomas, Purchasing / Store Manager / Technical Sales   (x 324)
  • Josh Lio, Store Manager / Technical Sales (x 328)
  • Chelsea Wilhelm, Customer Service (x 313)
  • Distribution Team led by Dave, Jim, Ken, Kevin, Matt, Ron, Eric, Dan
  • Production Team led by Jordan, Tim, Chris, Justin, Tavita, Cam