Our Culture

Butler Gas Products is a safe, customer-focused manufacturer and distributor of packaged gas products and profitable solutions.  We aim to excel as the packaged gas supplier of choice by driving sustainable customer growth and relationships, exceeding our 100 year plan of survival.

It all began in 1945 in Reading, Pennsylvania, with the entrepreneurial efforts of two brothers who started a small gas and welding supply business.  In 1948, one of the brothers, Jack, moved to Pittsburgh with his new bride and opened Butler Gas Products north of Pittsburgh in New Brighton.  Jack took care of sales and kept the shelves and warehouse stocked.  His wife, Mildred, managed the books.  They hired one employee- a driver to make deliveries.  The newly founded Butler Gas Products grew to $55,567 worth of sales in its first year.  Business improved steadily and by 1964, the company was incorporated.  In 1970, a retirement plan was started for all associates working for the company.  Merely two years later, Butler Gas Products purchased National Cylinder Gas and acquired its Pittsburgh business.  The plant in McKees Rocks still serves as the company’s headquarters.  Shortly thereafter, profit sharing was added to the list of benefits.  By 1975, Jack Sr.’s son, Jack, began taking responsibility for running the company.  His father developed cancer and was relying more and more on young Jack to earn leadership of the business.  By the time of the 1980’s, Jack’s two sisters, Barb and Debi, had joined him in the efforts of continuing their father’s vision.  With the steel industry declining in Pittsburgh, Butler Gas Products restructured and began focusing more on medical and specialty gas markets.  It was in the 1980’s that Butler Gas Products opened its official specialty gas division.  This addition allowed the filling and analysis of pure gases and mixtures in-house.  Cylinder barcoding was added to the mix of value-added services in order to provide a better asset tracking system for valued customers.  The production plant was soon remodeled to accommodate palletized filling, improving fill time, and increasing cylinder transportation safety.  In the early 1990’s, an East Pittsburgh branch in Penn Hills was opened to better serve the expanding markets. Additional smaller distributors were also acquired.  Today, Butler Gas Products preserves its Pittsburgh roots, keeping the company’s headquarters in McKees Rocks.  Conducting business in local, national, and international arenas, Butler Gas Products Company continues to strive for excellence as a Best in Class organization.

Our company culture is one ingrained with Continuous Improvement!  We strive to better our processes and create more efficient, effective business systems to ultimately improve the value we bring to our customers.  Currently, our CI (Continuous Improvement) teams are dissecting multiple areas within our business, concentrating on ways to eliminate waste and add value.  For questions about our CI efforts, or for suggestions on how we can better serve our treasured customers, please contact our CI leader, VP of Services and Continuous Improvement Sandy Gobrish.