Our Products

Butler Gas Products is a safe, customer-focused manufacturer and distributor of packaged gas products and profitable solutions.  Founded by John A. and Mildred S. Butler in 1948, we are an independent distributor that directly services western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, West Virginia, and western New York, and nationally services additional areas through our business alliance partners.

As a supplier of industrial, specialty, and medical gases, Butler Gas Products focuses on all forms of packaged gas, including microbulk and bulk deliveries.  Butler Gas Products also sells welding and safety supplies and related equipment to a diverse clientele.

We aim to co-create customized packaged gas business solutions with our valued customers.  Thank you for your interest in Butler Gas Products.  We look forward to earning your business!

Industrial Gases and Accessories

  • Acetylene manufacturing
  • Industrial gas pallet filling
  • Fully pressurized cylinders filled using compressors
  • Hydrogen filling facility
  • Flow controls and manifold systems
  • Propane storage cages
  • Welding carts
  • Welding gases and supplies
  • MicroBulk gas system installations
  • Various sizes of gas cylinders and liquid Dewars
  • Cylinder cages available with firewalls
  • Industrial apparel and safety gear
  • Atmospheric gases including nitrogen, argon, oxygen, and hydrogen
  • Dry ice manufacturing (pellets and rice)
  • Various sizes of portable dry ice storage containers

Specialty Gases and Specialty Equipment

  • Specialty gas laboratory and filling facility
  • Pure gases
  • GC carrier gases
  • Rare gases
  • Research and UHP gases
  • Gas mixtures
  • EPA Protocols
  • Laser gas mixtures
  • Instrument support mixtures
  • Transportable cylinders (disposable and refillable)
  • Leak detection and monitoring equipment
  • Gas filters and purifiers
  • Flow measurement and control devices
  • Manifolds and switchover systems
  • Lecture bottle equipment
  • Cylinder mounts and stands

Medical Gases and Gas Handling Equipment

  • Laboratory gases
  • Respiratory therapy gases
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Medical air
  • Liquid helium
  • Nitrogen
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Medical oxygen
  • Portable “Grab and Go” medical oxygen cylinders
  • Medical carts
  • MicroBulk and bulk systems
  • Medical gas regulators