The Butler Gas Products welding specialists are available to serve our customers with technical assistance and welding training.  We offer technical assistance over the phone, in person at our locations, or on-site at your location by appointment.  We can conduct live trainings and demonstrations on technical welding issues and/or gas cylinder safety.  We are Pittsburgh’s source for gases and welding supplies.

Welding Gases and Equipment

  • Acetylene manufacturing
  • Oxygen (microbulk capabilities)
  • Argon (microbulk capabilities)
  • Hydrogen filling facility
  • Flow controls and industrial regulators
  • Welding carts
  • MicroBulk gas system
  • Various sizes of gas cylinders
  • Cylinder cages available with firewalls
  • Industrial apparel and safety gear
  • Welding machines
  • Welding gas refills