Cylinders are available from Butler Gas Products in three options: owning them, leasing them, or renting them.

The Ownership Option: A cylinder’s owner has cradle to grave responsibility for it. Buy any new, blank neck ring cylinder sizes 125 and smaller in one of our stores. You pay for the gas and the cylinder outright. You now own this asset. We will gladly fill it for you as long as it’s in-test. You, as the owner, are responsible for the maintenance costs of keeping the cylinder in-test and safe to fill. With the exception of our small acetylene cylinder exchange program, when you bring your customer-owned cylinder to us, we fill that exact asset and return it to you.

What happens when it is out of test? We offer cylinder retesting. Our stores are certified propane visual inspection stations. All other cylinders must be sent out for retesting. If your cylinder is out being tested and you need a cylinder to use in the interim, you can rent a ‘similar’ cylinder.

The Lease Option: We designed our lease program to benefit our small business customers who only have one or two cylinders onsite and do not turn them quickly. Lease a cylinder size 125 for a nominal upfront investment plus the price of the gas. Leases renew on an annual basis until the cylinder is returned. No partial refunds are available if the cylinder is returned mid-year. We own the asset and you purchase the fills as needed. The annual lease is designed to “pre-pay rent” for the entire year on one asset.

The Rent Option: For business accounts requiring cylinders size 125 and above, we offer daily rent. We swap empty for full cylinders as needed via delivery truck or in our stores. All assets are barcoded and tracked by serial number. To open a business account, complete our New Account Application. We own the assets and your business purchases the industrial gas or specialty gas inside as it’s needed.

Just need a cylinder for the weekend? Ask about our Weekend Warrior package in any one of our stores. This is a great retail option for balloon helium for events.

Cylinder Safety Tip: Cap It!

Valve protection caps for full or partially full cylinders designed to accept caps must always be in place and hand-tight except when these cylinders are in process or connected for use.

Please do not switch caps since not all our cylinders use the same cap threads. A cracked or dented cap should be brought to our attention. Always use suitable tools in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or ask us for guidance to remove stuck caps. Inserting tools through the vent hole can lead to valve damage or the inadvertent activation of the valve, releasing cylinder contents. Such releases can lead to dangerous situations including fire, oxygen-deficient atmospheres, or toxic atmospheres.

Remember to always have cylinders secured when they are in-use and without their caps. (Source: CGA)

Retail Small Cylinder Sizes

Small Cylinder Sizes