We manufacture dry ice daily at our McKees Rocks facility.  Dry ice is simply frozen carbon dioxide. Frozen directly from a gas to a solid at -109.3°F, dry ice does not melt; it sublimates back into its gaseous form. No mess, guaranteed.

Butler Gas Products is Pittsburgh’s source for fresh dry ice. The key to buying high quality dry ice is purchasing it from a local supplier. Dry ice sublimates at a rate of approximately 10% every 24 hours, depending on environmental variables. If you’re buying from an out-of-state supplier, you’re paying for lost product. We make our dry ice in the morning and deliver it to you that same day. Fresh dry ice is also available for pick-up at every one of our locations.

Industrial Uses for Dry Ice

Due to its extreme low temperature, dry ice is used in a variety of applications. Industrially, dry ice is used to shrink metal into tight fittings. Commercially, dry ice can be used in a number of projects, everything from removing old tile flooring to shipping frozen food products. In addition to its industrial and commercial uses, dry ice is ideal for creating a freezer away from home. Pack your cooler with dry ice for road trips, tailgating, concerts, and camping. When transporting dry ice in a cooler, always remember to keep it in a well-ventilated area; as the dry ice sublimates, you want to allow the carbon dioxide gas to escape.

Fun With Dry Ice

Dry ice can also be used seasonally for special effects. To make a foggy punch bowl that’s perfect for Halloween, you will need a large bowl for the dry ice, a smaller bowl for the punch, hot water, and dry ice. Throughout the entire process, do not let the dry ice come in contact with either bare skin or the punch. Using gloves, place a few handfuls of dry ice pellets into the larger bowl and fill it half way with hot water. Add your punch to the smaller of the two bowls, making sure that the punch does not come in direct contact with the dry ice. Float the smaller bowl filled with punch in the larger bowl containing the dry ice/hot water mixture. To maintain the fog effect, periodically add more dry ice and hot water to the bottom bowl. For an extra Halloween kick, use a cauldron as the outer large bowl. Float the smaller punch bowl inside the cauldron. Remember, always wear gloves when handling dry ice.

Beat the summer heat by creating a traveling freezer with a cooler of dry ice. Fill the bottom of your cooler with dry ice, add a protective layer of festive fabric, and load up the ice cream sandwiches. Advise picnic guests not to go beneath the fabric and touch the dry ice. At -109.3°F, the dry ice will keep your ice cream frozen. We always encourage a 10 lb. minimum, and more depending on the size of your cooler and amount of ice cream. Stop in one of our stores to purchase dry ice.