We are a gas company! Since 1948, Butler Gas Products has been investing in the gas business. We have integrated back into manufacturing to better ensure our customers the highest levels of quality and efficiency across all levels of our diverse customer base.

At Butler Gas Products, we pride ourselves on co-creating customized business solutions with our valued customers. We offer the best in customer service and fast, safe delivery. The compressed gas portion of your business no longer has to be a hassle. Call us today for industrial gas business solutions that will increase safety, efficiency, and your long-term profitability.

Industrial Gases and Accessories

  • Acetylene manufacturing
  • Industrial gas pallet filling
  • Fully pressurized cylinders filled using compressors
  • Hydrogen filling facility
  • Flow controls and manifold systems
  • Propane storage cages
  • Welding carts
  • Welding gases and supplies
  • MicroBulk gas system installations
  • Various sizes of gas cylinders and liquid Dewars
  • Cylinder cages available with firewalls
  • Industrial apparel and safety gear
  • Atmospheric gases including nitrogen, argon, oxygen, and hydrogen
  • Dry ice manufacturing (pellets and rice)
  • Various sizes of portable dry ice storage containers