The Butler Gas Products microbulk system reduces costs, increases safety, and maximizes efficiency. The basic idea behind microbulk is replacing cylinders with one, or a few, larger tanks. These tanks are piped into the facility so the gas is available at its points of use. Our truck stops and fills the tank; there’s no cylinder exchange.

Cost reduction is made possible because the system eliminates residual gas loss, reduces the labor costs associated with moving dangerous cylinders, and creates more profitable space in the workplace. This gas system eliminates the residual waste that normally gets sent back in cylinders, allowing more product to be used. The microbulk customer does not have to worry about moving and changing out heavy cylinders, nor does a microbulk user have to dedicate half of the workspace to cylinder storage.

Microbulk System Standards

We hold our microbulk system to a high standard when it comes to technology. The microbulk tanks are built to more advanced specifications and offer much better insulation than DOT cylinders. The thermal characteristics keep the gas from blowing off into the atmosphere, keeping in more of the product.

Mode Change Process

We offer microbulk and bulk supply solutions in nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and CO2.

After conducting a site visit and learning more about your gas consumption, our sales and engineering consultants will collaborate with your operations team to determine the best, most efficient asset package for your application. Full-sized bulk (300 gallons and larger) is surely not designed for all applications and often requires large upfront investments for tank placement and installation. Microbulk (230 – 3000 liters) mimics the benefits of bulk but minimizes the investment, creating the perfect medium for the business who wants an efficient customized solution.

The Butler Gas Products team has full installation capabilities for microbulk applications. Utilizing telemetry technology, we monitor your tank levels remotely, automatically dispatching trucks to fill the tank as needed. The days of monitoring your packaged gas inventory and scrambling to place emergency cylinder deliveries disappear with a microbulk solution from Butler Gas Products.

Butler Gas Products Perma Cyl Microbulk Tank