At Butler Gas Products, we pride ourselves on our uncompromising commitment to safety.  This 100% Safety focus applies not only to the way we conduct our own business, but also to decisions about the product lines we provide for our valued customers.  As a manufacturer, we ensure that all gases and gas products we make and mix in-house are constructed with the utmost care for quality and safe process.  And as a distributor, we only carry reputable product lines from safety-oriented suppliers.  Safety is not just a goal; it is part of our culture.

We offer the full lines of SafTCart storage cages and cylinder carts.

Butler Gas Products carries extensive lines of safe cylinder handling equipment and safety supplies.

Safety Meets Organization

  • Cylinder cages
  • Delivery carts
  • Cylinder wall and bench mounts
  • Firewall carts and cages
  • Medical cylinder carts
  • Cylinder stands
  • Propane storage cages
  • Welding carts

Safety Meets Style

  • Hard hats
  • Welding hoods and helmets
  • Welding apparel
  • Work gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Fashion safety apparel