CYLTRAK is our system of tracking cylinders in and out of your locations.  By tracking usage and conducting cylinder balance reviews, CYLTRAK reduces your rental costs by exposing stale assets.  Each Butler Gas Products asset has a unique barcode, corresponding with the serial number.  These codes are electronically scanned and recorded by hand-held computers each time a cylinder enters and leaves your location.  All transaction data, including signature capture technology, is downloaded daily into our computer system and is available for you to track online.

CYLTRAK improves the accuracy, safety, and profitability associated with asset management.  Because CYLTRAK provides series of checks and cross-checks by date and time stamping, accurate bottled gas inventory information is available at your fingertips.  We scan the barcodes at all stages of distribution:  filling, truck loading, delivering, truck unloading, and sending out for services.  Combined with the system’s built-in intelligence, these checks help improve cylinder count and location accuracy.  By knowing the whereabouts of your cylinders, we help you identify unused assets.  Several unused cylinders simply sitting at your location increases costs and threatens your facility’s safety.  Decreasing this clutter leads to a safer and more productive facility.

Butler Gas Products customers are empowered by CYLTRAK to make educated packaged gas inventory decisions at the click of a mouse.  By tracking your cylinders, we engage you in a profitable solution that promotes the safety and efficiency of your business.


  • Date and time stamping
  • Signature capture for delivery confirmation
  • Cross-Check Engine electronically compares delivery transactions to billed invoices

Minimizes Lost Cylinder Disputes

  • Automatically credits the correct customer when cylinders are returned
  • Credibility increases dramatically when customer views same transaction information as supplier
  • Customer can do own audits with inventory worksheet

Asset Management

  • Customer can better manage rented assets with more information
  • Management of assets improves safety and reduces costs
  • Stale assets are revealed with delivery dates associated with each asset
  • Manual and electronic telemetry can guarantee that gas never runs out
  • Supplier cylinder audits are automated with mobile data collection and reconciliation tools
  • Lot numbers can be tracked from manufacturer to end user
  • Expiration dates can be programmed to send alerts for specific cylinders

Supply Chain Partnering

  • Information sharing creates relationship building and long-term business partnerships
  • Sharing information reduces costs and increases trust
  • Departmental reporting of gas cylinder usage can identify gas utilization for business analysis

Follow-On Tracking

  • Customers can view information and also use the primary data we collect to track and move cylinders within their facility
  • As tracking partners, we share and validate the information in order to reduce the number of inquires and discrepancies
  • Follow-On Trackers can see when assets are returned or transferred unexpectedly
  • Reports and alerts can be generated for onsite administration and compliance reporting


Q:  Will you send me a list of every single cylinder I’m renting and how long it’s been here?

A:  Absolutely, no problem!

  • Our CYLTRAK asset tracking and management system produces current, comprehensive Inventory Worksheets that list all rental assets at your location. Each Inventory Worksheet outlines the asset type, size, barcode and serial number, and number of days held. Whether you’re doing an internal audit or closing a job site, the Butler Gas Products team can provide the tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage cylinder balances. Not interested in dealing with them at all? Ask us about full service Vendor Managed Inventory.