Our gas applications experts can help train your team on the safe handling of compressed gases in containers according to CGA(Compressed Gas Association) standards and best practices. Whether the focus is safe compressed gas and cryogenic storage or safe cylinder handling, our team is available to visit our customers’ sites to conduct employee training. Interested in welding equipment or product training? No problem. Our manufacturer partners and in-house experts are available for site visits. Contact us to create a custom curriculum and schedule.

Training our trainers is at the core of our continuous education mission. Learn more about how we develop our people as experts in the gas industry, and cascade this knowledge to help our valued customers.

How safe are your cylinder storage practices?
  • Are storage areas posted with the name of the gas or hazard class?
  • Are storage areas posted with “NO SMOKING”?
  • Are oxidizing gases separated from fuel gases and combustible material by 20 feet or a ½-hour rated fire barrier at least 5 feet high?
  • Does temperature in storage areas stay below 125°F?
  • Are cylinders located where they do not obstruct exit routes, access to electrical panels, fire extinguishers, or other emergency equipment?
  • Are storage areas well-ventilated?
  • Are acetylene and propane stored in an upright position (excluding fork lift propane cylinders)?
  • Are Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available for immediate reference?
  • Are storage areas secured against theft and vandalism?
  • Unless the storage area is a solid concrete slab from the ground up, is it marked with maximum load weight limit?
  • Is some method used to protect cylinders from falling (chain, cage, etc.)?
  • Are there guard rails, chains, or other barriers that are over 4 feet high around docks?