Propane Heater Safety

Propane Heater Safety

As temperatures drop, please remember these temporary heating safety tips.

Temporary heating equipment powered with propane is portable and widely used in a variety of industries. Builders, manufacturers, exterminators, emergency management and others utilize propane to fuel temporary heating units. Heaters must be designed for use with LP Gas and AGA, UL, or CGA approved.

  • The maximum size container to be used inside a building is a 100 lb. cylinder.
  • Cylinders are to be used, stored, and moved in an upright position.
  • Cylinders should never be lifted or carried by the valve.
  • Cylinder valves must be protected by caps or collars.
  • Cylinder valve outlets on containers less than 45 lbs. must be plugged or capped.
  • Cylinders must be equipped with an excess flow valve or POL adapter that connects the regulator to the container valve to ensure there is excess flow protection.
  • LP Gas hose must have a working pressure of at least 350 psig.
  • Tubing, hose, and valves, must be protected from excessive heat, physical damage, or tampering.
  • Heater / hose separation must be no less than 6 ft.
  • Hose connections and fittings should be checked with a non-corrosive leak detector solution.
  • Regulators should be suitable for the type of LP Gas service it is intended to be used.

Source:  Amerigas

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