Propane Safety for BBQ Grilling

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Make sure to visit one of our locations for propane fills for your BBQ grill. Especially in the summer heat, propane should be handled with caution. Your propane cylinder should always remain in a well-ventilated area, and should be transported and stored in a secure and upright position. Never keep a filled cylinder inside a hot vehicle and never transport inside a closed trunk. Propane is flammable when mixed with air (oxygen) and can be ignited by many sources including open flames, sparks, and static. Do not smoke or allow any ignition sources including spark-producing electrical tools in the area while handling or transporting cylinders. Remember to never store your full spare propane tank under or near your BBQ grill. Heat builds pressure inside the cylinder, which can cause the pressure relief valve to release propane, potentially causing flash fires or explosions. Remember to always refer to the SDS to fully understand a product before using it. Summer fun starts with safety! On behalf of the entire Butler Gas Products family, we wish you a safe and happy summer season.

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