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In selecting a gas supplier, we believe your business does not have to sacrifice service to get capabilities.

Wholesale Distribution

As a result of our integration back into manufacturing, we are able to offer deep packaged gas capabilities with fast lead times to our fellow distributors. With scheduled deliveries or pickup options, we offer our region’s distributors an independent, flexible alternative to the traditional global supply giants. Whether you’re looking for a more nimble and responsive solution for specialty gases, Hydrogen, Acetylene, Dry Ice, or gas mixtures, Butler Gas Products believes that independents are best served by independents. Each wholesale partnership is unique. Contact us to collaborate on how we can become your business’ best gas supplier.

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Food and Beverage

Butler Gas Products produces food gases. Our filling procedures and facility controls comply with all FDA regulations. Very similar to our Medical Gas production, food gases are regulated to ensure that gases coming in contact with food - Carbon Dioxide, for example - follow rigorous safety and quality control compliance. Food gases are highly purified products with low moisture content (parts per million [ppm] level). They are filled into specific cylinders identified as intended for use for food gas. For example, these cylinders include special labeling to differentiate them from non-food gases. Food gas customer inquiries can be answered by our on-staff PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual).

We supply beverage grade CO2 in cylinders and bulk and beer gas blends. We offer cryogenic liquids for chilling and freezing and offer packaged gas solutions for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) applications. We also supply commercial propane for food trucks. Often working nontraditional hours, our food and beverage industry customers can place orders and pay invoices 24/7 with our online ordering and bill pay features.

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Oil & Gas

For reliable supply of nitrogen for blanketing and pressure testing applications, in addition to welding and cutting equipment and safety apparel, Butler Gas Products is the western Pennsylvania region’s premier supplier. In addition to nitrogen tube trailers, microbulk, and bulk installations, Butler Gas Products supplies a full portfolio of industrial and specialty gases. With an uncompromising 100% safety commitment, our team of experts is available for onsite customer safety training and gas mode consultation.

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Research and Education

Industrial, specialty, and fuel gases are essential to the livelihood of research and educational institutions. As a small business, Butler Gas Products is committed to providing western Pennsylvania’s universities, school systems, and research laboratories with innovative solutions for packaged gas supply. Our integration back into manufacturing enables thorough quality control and unbeatable lead times.

All Butler Gas Products cylinders are tracked and managed by CYLTRAK Asset Tracking. CYLTRAK organizes cylinder inventory information by department, making it easy to allocate budget or grant dollars by individual sector for universities. CYLTRAK can send your lab technicians expiration date email alerts for critical gas mixes, and allow your facilities or purchasing teams to view cylinder inventory information online.

We deliver pure gases and specialty gas mixes used to operate and calibrate analytical instruments. Additionally, we supply cryogenic liquid, cryogenic freezers, and Dry Ice. Whether you require Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen, CO2, Acetylene, or Propane, Butler Gas Products provides our region’s research and education facilities with a leading local supply source for compressed gases.

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Governed by the FDA, our medical gas filling operations follow stringent quality control procedures. We offer a complete portfolio of medical gases and gas handling equipment, including but not limited to respiratory therapy gases, liquid Helium, nitrous oxide, ‘Grab and Go’ Oxygen E cylinders, liquid and compressed Nitrogen, medical air, carts, bulk systems, and regulators. Additionally, our Pittsburgh-based specialty gas facility fills and analyzes a wide range of purities for specialty gases and specialty gas mixtures used in medical research.

Butler Gas Products offers business solutions for increased laboratory and hospital efficiency with CYLTRAK cylinder tracking, as well as options for multiple modes (cylinders, banks or liquids, microbulk, bulk). We believe that next-day delivery and same-day emergency capabilities are a standard ingredient of good business-to-business service. As a family-owned small business, we recognize the level of personalized service and human capital needed to implement customized business solutions. This understanding, combined with our asset capabilities to grow and expand with your organization, enables Butler Gas Products to be your medical gas provider of choice.

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Manufacturing & Metal

With packaged gas solutions that grow with your business, Butler Gas Products best serves Pittsburgh’s manufacturers.

We supply complete offerings of welding and cutting equipment in addition to dry ice, cylinders, 12 or 16 pack cylinder banks, liquid Dewars, and microbulk solutions for the metal fabrication industry. Whether your business engages in traditional welding or specialized laser jobs, our gases, supplies, and experts help you meet production deadlines and eliminate costly waste in your workflow. From next-day delivery to cylinder tracking to online ordering, Butler Gas Products provides our region’s manufacturing companies with safe, fast, and friendly service.

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Multiple job sites? Hassled by cylinder inventory? No problem. We’re here to help. Many Pittsburghers may be stressed and annoyed by construction zones. Not us- we love them! Construction zones are opportunities. They’re opportunities for our city and they’re also opportunities for us to offer a better business solution for tracking and managing cylinders.

The Butler Gas Products CYLTRAK system features barcode labeling and handheld scanner tracking for all moving assets: cylinders, carts, dry ice bins, cages, etc. If you’re renting it, we’re tracking it. Our CYLTRAK asset tracking and management system also include complimentary cylinder audits as requested by our customers. Our team comes on-site to take a full inventory of all your cylinders and issues a report on our findings – A great solution for contractors allocating costs per job site, or wanting to sort out borrowed cylinders among multiple sites.

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