Compressed Gases Safety Training

Compressed Gases Safety Training

The Butler Gas Products Family welcomed DOT consultant Mike Dodd this week.

With (1) SAFETY and (2) PEOPLE leading our lineup of core beliefs, hazardous materials and security training is paramount to protecting our most important assets. Furthermore, as a manufacturer and distributor, we need to continuously invest in developing our talent in production and distribution. Two solid days of compressed gas safety training concluded with a mock DOT audit, ensuring compliance and understanding.

Mike Dodd has served the gases and welding industry for eighteen years as a GAWDA consultant. Butler Gas Products COO Abydee Butler Moore is currently serving as GAWDA’s First Vice President; CEO Jack Butler served as President in 1993. We have been members of this valuable Association since 1960 and cherish its training resources. By continuously improving in safety and by ensuring we are training to procedure instead of tribal knowledge, Butler Gas Products can continue to serve our valued customers for generations to come.

Developing our people as experts in the gas business means our customers benefit- their businesses in turn become safer with quality-controlled accurately filled and delivered cylinders, and more efficient with the latest industry technologies. We also extend compressed gas safety training to our customers. Our team conducts classroom and live training for safe cylinder handling and storage, as well as product-specific in-depth training. All Butler Gas Products procedures are governed by CGA, the Compressed Gas Association. Contact us if you’re interested in scheduling a training for your team.

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