Understanding Oxygen

Oxygen, the colorless, odorless, tasteless elemental gas that supports life and combustion, constitutes about one-fifth of the atmosphere.

We supply oxygen for industrial, specialty, and medical applications. Industrial applications for oxygen are broad, and include its utilization with acetylene, propane, hydrogen, and other fuel gases for purposes like metal cutting, welding, and hardening. We supply oxygen in cylinders, cradles/banks, liquid Dewars, microbulk tanks, and bulk tanks.

Although oxygen is nonflammable, it rapidly supports combustion. All materials that are flammable in air will burn more vigorously in oxygen. Some combustibles, like oil and grease, burn with nearly explosive violence in oxygen if ignited. For this reason, easily combustible materials must be kept from contact with high oxygen concentrations and sources of ignition should be eliminated. Sudden opening of valves, and particles carried by oxygen flowing at high velocity are to be avoided since these actions can result in ignition. Oxygen cylinder valves, therefore, should be opened slowly.

For safety information, always refer to the product’s SDS (Safety Data Sheet) information.

Source:  CGA

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