How Compressed Gas Regulators Work

Properly working regulators are vital to a safe, efficient, and effective compressed gas application. Our gas regulators are designed to withstand the harshest environments and are 100% tested prior to shipment from the manufacturer.

Regulators reduce unusable high pressure into usable low pressure and can keep the low pressure constant, compensating for changes in supply. Regulators use stored energy from the gas supply system. An adjusting system is used to set the delivery pressure, and a spring deflects the diaphragm to open the seat. This open seat allows gas in and flattens the diaphragm. The seat closes until the downstream valve opens, and so the sequence repeats. Old, damaged regulators not only prevent this process from happening effectively, but they also can present serious safety threats.

Due to technological and materials improvements in recent years, the inherent safety of a new gas regulator can be a significant improvement over that of an older, rebuilt regulator. Our stores and warehouses stock new industrial gas regulators, most manufactured by Harris. The Harris Products Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Lincoln Electric Company, is a world leader in metalworking products used in the brazing, soldering, welding, cutting, and gas distribution industries. We carry and support complete lines of Harris regulators, flowmeters, flow gauges, gas guards, torches, tips, and full kits.

Our gas regulators are manufactured from the highest quality industrial-grade components. Our team is trained to help assist you in selecting the proper regulator. With gas service, product source, delivery pressure, and single or multiple stage requirements in mind, we can advise our customers on which industrial, specialty, or medical gas regulator is best for their application. Contact our technical sales team for consultation.

Single Stage Regulator Cut Away

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