What Do I Do With Butler Gas Empty Cylinders?

Cylinders are rarely truly “empty.” All cylinders should be handled in the same manner, whether they’re full, partially full, or considered empty.

Separating your full cylinders from your empty cylinders is an essential part of safe and efficient cylinder housekeeping. To help your team differentiate between full cylinders and empty ones, Butler Gas shrink wraps full cylinder valves. The shrink wrap helps protect the valve and serves as an extra layer of quality assurance. Furthermore, this visual indicator ensures our drivers will never pick up your full cylinders by mistake. Butler Gas also supplies full and empty cylinder storage signage and cylinder tags to help you organize your facility.

Always close the valves on your empty cylinders, leaving a positive pressure. This prevents contaminates, like moisture, from being drawn inside the cylinder. Once the valve is closed, replace the cylinder cap and safely secure your empty cylinder in the proper storage area. Simply call us to have your empty cylinder(s) picked up, or place an order for full ones via phone, fax, email, or online. Online ordering is available to all customers who have an account with us- email our team for login information.

Please, never hesitate to contact our experts with additional questions. Call us at 800-860-2427.

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