SafTCart Builds Galvanized Trailer for Butler Gas

Butler Gas is pleased to announce the arrival of our first galvanized trailer. A job completed by SafTCart, the 49’ trailer was hot dipped and galvanized at 840 degrees.

SafTCart is a manufacturer of cylinder carts, cages, pallets, truck beds, and trailers. They are based in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Learn more about how they helped us create and deliver the trailer, here.

Butler Gas Galvanized Trailer

“Our pallet trailer fleet is exclusively SafTCart. As fellow family businesses who know each other well through GAWDA (Gases and Welding Distributors Association), SafTCart and Butler Gas have a high-level trust relationship. Although this trailer is the first of its kind, when SafTCart presented this design concept and its benefits, we were all in. We were excited to try this trailer and couldn’t be happier with the results. Its 24-pallet capacity enables us to deliver more cylinders to our customers, and its robust design pairs perfectly with our sleeper cab tractor for long haul deliveries throughout our entire region.”

– Abydee Butler Moore, President & COO

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