Courtesy Reminder for Bulk Customers re: SARA Tier II

As a bulk gas supplier, we wish to remind our customers of the approaching March 1, 2024 deadline for SARA Title Tier II reporting. 

Due to hazardous materials stored at our customers’ facilities, they may be subject to reporting requirements to file a SARA Tier II report with the State and Local Emergency Planning Commissions. Generally, the Threshold Planning Quantity is 10,000 lbs. According to the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA), also known as SARA Title III, companies with hazardous substances must file annual reports (“SARA Tier II reports”) which outline the amount and type of hazardous substances within the facility. These reports are used by state and local authorities to help create emergency plans for the community.

The following information is necessary to complete the SARA Tier II:

Chemical Name:

  • CAS #:
  • Chemical Category:  Pure
  • EHS: No
  • Physical State:  Liquid, Gas
  • Days on Site: 365
  • Maximum Quantity:
  • Average Quantity:
  • Maximum Amount in Largest Container:
  • Physical Hazards:
  • Type of Storage: Above ground tank
  • Pressure: Greater than ambient pressure
  • Temperature:  Cryogenic Conditions

SARA Tier II forms may be found on the EPA website: The EPA has created a PowerPoint tutorial at EPA also maintains an EPCRA hotline (1-800-535-0202).

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